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The Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows in the Foxboro Area

The Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows in the Foxboro Area

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Imagine the Day

A cool breeze tickles your skin as blankets unroll, frisbees and baseballs fly, and baskets of food overflow with juicy fruit, thick potato salad, and savory sandwiches. 

Drinks are plucked by sunburnt hands from icy coolers as beer flows from kegs in the beer garden. You can feel the sun glancing off your skin as laughter echoes through the park and kids splash in the water. Shouts are heard from the baseball diamonds at Heritage Park Sport complex. Suddenly…

The night sky bursts into color over the trees, showcasing a dazzling display like you have never seen, and you can hear the booming explosions echoing in the distance.

You cannot help but stare in wonder as sparks fly, crackle, and twirl, painting a brilliant picture of light against the starry night. Energy is high and life is vibrating at a standstill as hundreds of people watch in awe.

This is the scene for one of our most adored American holidays and events – 

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Our staff at Foxboro Apartments has put together the best fireworks displays near Wheeling, Illinois, to guarantee you have a fantastic time this Independence Day.

Links to several of our favorite shows can be found below, so unfold that blanket and sit back and enjoy the best fireworks displays our area has to offer:

  1. Northbrook 4th of July

This fourth of July, Northbrook will hold fireworks at the traditional location of Meadowhill Park and Techny Prairie Park and Fields (1479 Maple Ave, Northbrook, IL). On July 3rd, the Liberty Loop 5K Race will happen in the morning at Techny Prairie Parks. There will be live music at Village Green Park in the afternoon, and a DJ and film at dusk at the Velodrome at Meadowhill Park. The parade will not take place this year. 

  1. Glenview Fourth of July Celebration

Just a little further south from Northbrook, Glenview will host both a parade and fireworks on July 4th. Community West Park will host the parade (1001 Zenith Drive) and Gallery Park (2001 Patriot Blvd) will set off the fireworks at dusk. They are still fleshing out details, so keep checking the above link for more information.

  1. Mount Prospect Carnival and Fireworks

The 4th of July Festival is happening again at Mount Prospect’s Melas Park, including a carnival from June 30th through July 4th. Live music, food, drinks, and games will all be happening, so make sure to check it out Independence Day weekend. They are still working on the schedule, so check the above link for more information. 

For an ongoing list of other Fourth of July shows and events in the Chicago area, check out the Chicago Tribune’s article on where to see fireworks here.

Leave us a comment if you have questions or know of other displays in the area!

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